Take your marketing plans entirely in-house with Ribit Ai. Connect, engage, and follow up with your customers with consistency and precision. Our proprietary hybrid AI system will walk new and existing leads hand-in-hand from the start of the conversation to the appointment close.
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DealerOn provides the highest-converting websites, most comprehensive SEO, and the most advanced digital advertising solutions in automotive. We use data, testing, and optimization to help our dealers sell and service more cars, more profitably.

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sMedia empowers automotive dealerships through tech enablement. They constantly innovate based on evolving dealer needs. This includes advanced
marketing, smart lead tools, a Performance Dashboard, and a CRM integrated attribution suite, DataSherpa.

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DecisioningIT is using predictive AI to transform automotive lending. We provide solutions that improve F&I efficiency by quickly and precisely automating complex and routine tasks. This allows Business Managers to spend more quality time with customers and close more deals.

Vicimus solves car dealer and manufacturer problems with smart, easy-to-us software solutions that deliver results for marketing, sales and retail operations. We create fast, effective automotive tech.

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Software & marketing stack for dealerships. Outperform your competition, sell more vehicles, & earn more profit using the industry’s most powerful data-driven tools.


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As the first marketing cloud built for automotive dealerships, Orbee Auto offers automotive dealerships the proprietary and robust state of the art technology needed to tackle today’s competitive and complex digital marketing landscape.

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Marketo’s powerful marketing automation software helps marketers master the art & science of digital marketing to engage customers and prospects.


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Xcel Media Group develops highly targeted marketing campaigns that increase both sales and service traffic into the dealership while providing a transparent return on ad spend.

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We help dealers find, reach and retain profitable customers. As the only company with our unparalleled data intelligence under one roof, we provide deep insights into: customers, their credit and the cars they want. We predict what and when they want to buy, identify where they are, the media they use and the messages that influence them.


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