April 9-11, 2019 | Orlando, FL
Orange County Convention Center | Booth #529

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"We Are Automotive" isn’t some marketing slogan; it’s our ethos, an approach to our partnership with dealers. And it lives and breathes in everything we do, from our integrated suite of dealership software to our full-service digital marketing agency and Customer Support Managers. Our goal is to help dealers achieve their goals. Come see us at Digital Dealer 26 and let us do the same for you.

April 9-11, 2019
Orange County Convention Center
Orlando, FL
Booth #529



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Wednesday, April 10, 2019
9:00am – 9:50am

Cavan Robinson, Product Manager, OEM, DealerSocket

Kristopher Nielsen, Manager Sales Operations and Customer Experience, Soave Automotive Group

DealerSocket to Showcase 2019 Innovations at DD26

DealerSocket is coming off a successful NADA 2019 with plenty of hardware to prove it, including “Top-Rated CRM” in the DrivingSales 2019 Dealer Satisfaction Awards and four 2019 Automotive Website Awards for top digital retailing platform, U.S. websites, service tool suite and CRM. We just added Frost & Sullivan’s Customer Service Leadership Award to that list as well. And we’re bringing that momentum and the more than 20 innovations we debuted at NADA 2019 to Digital Dealer 26. Here are the highlights:

  • Credit Workflow: Our award-winning CRM received a major workflow improvement with the addition of a fully integrated credit module powered by CBC. Designed to reduce transaction times, eliminate duplicate data entry, and tee up more profitable “F&I turns,” the update allows dealers to prequalify customers via a soft or hard credit pull, perform the required compliance check, and submit deals to finance sources through RouteOne’s accredit application platform. More importantly, the new upgrade creates a secure flow of credit information and data across a dealer’s website, CRM, lending portal of choice, and even to the customer through the CRM’s SocketTalk add-on tool.
  • SocketTalk: Our texting and internal messaging solution can now send and receive images and videos via text message. From showing off a vehicle to a potential customer to sharing an update with your own sales team, this new upgrade is designed to deliver more engaging communications. And each text is recorded into your CRM, actively syncing with work notes, opportunities, reporting, and notification. SocketTalk also offers opt-in and opt-out choices, giving you control of your marketing efforts while keeping you compliant with federal regulations.
  • RevenueRadar: For 2019, DealerSocket has teamed its award-winning equity-mining solution with integrated marketing services, including professional print services for direct mail campaigns, and the option to add a strategic performance manager for process development and training. Best of all, these services fully integrate with our CRM.
  • OEM Connections: DealerSocket’s revolutionary Engine 6 website platform is now in the Fiat Chrysler Automobiles Digital Certified Program. The platform boasts industry-leading load speeds and the first truly in-line editing system that connects dealers to 75-plus inventory- and incentives-integrated modules they can create stunning, multidevice-optimized websites that perform.
  • Facebook Marketplace: DealerSocket is now integrated with Facebook Marketplace, with DealerSocket becoming one of a few select software companies to offer dealers the ability to expose their inventory to an online marketplace millions of Americans use every day to shop for cars (U.S. only).
  • Inventory Advertising: Dealers using DealerSocket’s inventory management tool will also have access to DealerFire’s new inventory advertising capabilities, which allows for layered incentive data. For dealers looking to dip their toes in the digital waters, DealerFire announced that dealership operators no longer need a DealerFire website to take advantage of its digital retailing solution.
  • Managing the Enterprise: DealerSocket has completely transformed its inventory management tool into enterprise platform, complete with a new responsive design and smarter navigation features. The restructured solution also offers expanded reporting capabilities that allow dealer group operators to manage inventory by region, performance, OEM brand, highline stores, and much more. This new reporting structure will facilitate additional innovations slate for release last this year.
  • Bulk Pricing: Also new for 2019 is bulk pricing, which fits under the group’s enterprise management approach and allows dealers and dealer group customers to identify new and used vehicles across their operations by age, as well as a host of other attributes, and adjust pricing by dollar amount or percentage. This enhancement is especially useful for dealers hoping one last shot at retailing aging inventory before sending them to auction.
  • Single Page Appraisal: DealerSocket has also made it easier for dealers to appraise vehicles, allowing them to perform a value analysis and get purchase recommendations based on retail market and historical dealership data from a single, configurable screen.
  • New Stocking Algorithms: The big news for 2019 is DealerSocket has reinvented its “Ideal Inventory Model” — the philosophy on which its inventory tool was built — to address today’s margin-compressed environment. The new model uses advanced data algorithms to recommend a vehicle stocking mix that will increase a dealer’s profit per vehicle profile. Also revamped are the two drivers of DealerSocket’s inventory management profit model: TrueScore Pricing and its associated pricing band. Both offer dealers a more accurate view of their core inventory.
  • Finance Upgrades: DealerSocket’s web-based dealer management system and loan servicing platform gets several finance-related upgrades for 2019, including a seamless digital credit application workflow and more robust functionality around F&I product and accessory sales.
  • Compliance, Payment Processing & Credit Reporting: Key features for greater fraud prevention and compliance, including CBC’s enhanced Red Flag algorithm, an electronic closing process via SecureClose, and enhanced credit reporting. The product line also debuted this year advancements in automated payment processing via OpenEdge’s full-featured payment solutions and the ability to accept payments via interactive voice response (IVR).
  • Better Reporting Through Integrations: Core reporting for both static pool and 20 Groups take a leap forward along with platform integrations with DealerSocket’s CRM, inventory management, and DealerFire digital solution, making the DMS the most automated on the market today.

Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning

  • Better Buyer Predictor: DealerSocket has made advances in the areas of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML). Today, machine learning is powering the tech firm’s Revenue Radar equity tool, which uses cross platform data (CRM, Web, DMS) to predict a customer’s propensity to buy. This allows dealers to focus their efforts on closing high-probability buyers.
  • Carlabs.ai Collaboration: DealerSocket is also collaborating with Carlabs.ai, the auto industry’s first enterprise-grade conversational AI platform to help dealers deliver scalable one-to-one consumer interactions. By incorporating Carlabs.ai’s intuitive AI capabilities into its suite of products, DealerSocket is helping dealers improve website conversion, lower customer service costs, acquire unprecedented buyer analytics, and improve the overall customer experience.

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