A Texting Solution

DealerSocket CRM's SocketTalk

A texting and internal messaging solution that integrates seamlessly with all dealersocket features and products. This tool keeps your store compliant with all opt-in/out procedures that relate to the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA).

You're 3x more likely to sell a prospect a car when you engage them in one-on-one texting. 

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Increase sales and revenue with integrated solutions.

Mobile Messaging

Engage with your customers by texting them deals, appointment reminders and so much more right from your desktop or mobile device.

Targeted Templates

Create specific templates for specific customers and market them via text message. 

Stay Connected with Chat

Stay connected and chat with dealership individuals or groups within your dealership with our built-in CRM chat.

Utilize Instant Messaging

Drive ROI by encouraging sales people to instant message managers with important information during a test drive.

“I love the texting feature. SocketTalk is our absolute favorite. Even though we call and email our contacts a ton, most of the time we can't get ahold of them. Nowadays, everyone wants to opt into text messages and really wants to communicate with us in that manner. We like that you can send pictures and videos from our phone. It also helps protect the salesperson’s privacy so they don’t have to give their personal cell phone numbers out.”

Myda Fuentas

Internet Diretor, Robbins Chevrolet

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