Specific Campaigns with DealerFire

  • Responsive websites for Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, LandRover, Maserati and Jaguar
  • Content marketing and SEM for all brands
  • Special event marketing for Legacy Summer Events

How does client stand-out?

Aristocrat is one of the best examples of creative marketing we've seen in this industry (or any other for that matter). As a luxury dealership, they literally could just sit in their chairs and wait for customers to show up at the door, but instead, they really invest their time into how their brand is perceived – not only in Kansas City, but extended locations as well. Kris Nielsen is very good at emphasizing the importance of supplemental digital efforts to the numerous events they host and sponsor each year.

Aristocrat (Soave) was also one of our very first dealers to step outside of the box on the development of responsive. By shying away from a traditional design, they've distinguished themselves as a brand with a unique style. They've also gone the complete opposite way of what most luxury franchises have done with OEMs, by not placing importance on their mandated sites. By doing this, they've created a new benchmark for their own niche of the auto-digital industry.

How they make us better...

Aristocrat (Soave) was the first luxury auto group we worked with. They really pushed us to understand high-line consumers and how to market to them digitally. We also developed many processes related to compliance once we were integrated with Mercedes-Benz, which has some of the most stringent marketing guidelines in the entire industry. With the help of Kris and the Aristocrat team, we also became much more efficient at event marketing by running the digital point on their Legacy Summer Series. We were able to hone our skills as communicators and organizers by combining content marketing and SEM with their social pushes.

The Breakdown

Aristocrat started the trend of digitally savvy luxury automobile dealers. They have developed very successful events, including 'Legacy Summer Series', the KC Mercedes-Benz CLA Launch Party and even 'Plane vs Porsche' - a race between Kris in a Porsche Panamera 4 and a Southwest Jet to St. Louis. All of these events had a coordinated digital effort and were all picked up by local and national news outlets.

Looking Forward

Aristocrat will continue their success in event marketing, as well as their efforts to expand into new markets. Luckily, with luxury brands, you can have a further reach outside of your own market for pre-owned, so we will be implementing a strategy for capturing those consumers and offering unique delivery options. By combining content with SEM, the Aristocrat sites have been built out for maximum visibility and on-the-go browsing.

Other Recommendations for Future:

One of the major goals we had in our early relationship was to build a brand for the Mercedes-Benz of Kansas City store, or MB-KC. As we added digital marketing, we were able to do exactly that and increase traffic and leads. We have applied that same concept to the other franchise sites and look to increase individual site traffic as well. By adding some services for each store on the SEM side, our re-targeting and content efforts will provide the push we need moving into the Fall.

We're also working on some new services/products that will help with the attribution of sales, including ROI Dashboard and call-tracking. As we've learned, calls are on the rise amongst car shoppers and it is especially important to track the amount of leads coming in vs website emails. There are a few options we are exploring, but ultimately, the call-tracking will integrate with Ignite and Google Analytics to provide a full picture of leads, appointments and sales.

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