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The power of maturity manager within your CRM, only with DealerSocket.

Now available to Audi dealers across the U.S., a one-of-a-kind connection to rich customer insights throughout the sales process. A new, seamless integration feeds data from Audi Maturity Manager directly to DealerSocket, making it the most powerful CRM on the market.

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Consumer intelligence, delivered.

  • DIRECT INTEGRATION - Audi Captive Financial Partner (Audi Financial Services) and Maturity Manager, enables you to feed insights-fueled leads directly through the CRM. Receive extensive data about your past customers and prospects from a pop-up right within the CRM.
  • CONSOLIDATED VIEW - Do more from one system! All data is fully viewable from within the CRM, removing the need for back and forth and reconciliation with your financial system.
  • 360 CUSTOMER VIEW - Start more relevant and meaningful conversations with your maturing customer accounts while removing unnecessary disconnect for your sales teams and brand customers.
  • INSIGHTS-FUELED LEADS - Get viable leads delivered from Volkswagen directly to your CRM. A seamless flow of information between systems ensures details are accurate and meaningful to your sales process

DealerSocket's CRM

Accelerate sales and marketing, increase efficiency, and sell more vehicles. With DealerSocket CRM’s industry-leading software and proven track record, you can meet and exceed every need across sales, marketing, service, and senior leadership. Seamlessly manage the customer relationship, connect across all devices and departments, and maximize sales and profitability.

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