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Blogging Strategy is SEO

  • By adding consistent, relevant content to your website through blogging, you are engaging in effective SEO. Over time, your site will be recognized by Google and the other search engines as an authority on the topics you write about, increasing your site’s domain authority. This helps all of your interior pages increase search position.

  • Blogging on a car dealership site doesn’t mean simply writing about automotive. Writing about the events in your area helps gain additional local traffic. Everyone is a potential car-buyer, and providing local information that consumers want to search puts you top-of-mind to consumers and sets your dealership apart as a caring part of the community.

  • By doing a large amount of content marketing on your site, you are allowing shoppers to do all of their research right on your site, instead of bouncing around to the manufacturer site, review sites or even worse, your competition.

The DealerSocket Automotive Content Marketing Advantage

Unique Content

Every blog post is hand-written by a college-educated writer that is assigned specifically to your account and understands your dealership and the OEM you represent. Every piece of content is 100% unique, meaning duplicate content is never an issue. And it is all written for humans, while taking into account the key SEO principles that allow it to rank and help the entire site stay healthy in the search engine's eyes.

Optimized Posts

Our content team is highly trained in SEO best practices, so each post is highly optimized for search and includes valuable links to point consumers in the right direction. While content marketing is very top-of-funnel, our blogging strategy has huge ROI potential for those that invest in the long game. Of course, we have plenty of quick wins with individual posts and conversions.


DealerSocket/DealerFire pioneered content marketing for automotive dealerships, and has refined the process to remain the leader in the space. Our early adopters of content marketing are now positioned on the top of the organice SERPs for numerous highly competitive keywords. They have also built a rapport with their customers that can't be replicated or duplicated.

Success Stories

Anyone can talk the talk, but we can walk the walk with the best of them. Theory is all well and
good, but when it comes to it, we get results. Don't take our word for it, here are some of our
favorite stories of success.

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