Automotive Custom Landing Pages

Your site has the potential to be the research hub consumers are searching for. Leverage it.

  • Model research pages show up on top SERPs and provide a navigable point of research for consumers on your site that want to know everything about a model that goes beyond the VDP specific info

  • Comparison pages allow dealers to showcase how the vehicle under their OEM umbrella compares with that of the competition. This helps keep the dealer on the site when doing research - and these also do great in search.

  • Custom pages about a sale, promotion or event happening at the dealership can bring in additional leads and interest in your dealership. hey also work great paired with a press release or PPC campaign.

The DealerSocket Automotive Content Marketing Advantage


Each landing page is custom written, researched and optimized by a person to avoid any duplicate content or incorrect data. We don't believe in automation when creating pages meant for very human eyes.


The content marketing team is highly trained in SEO best practices, and each page is built to drive traffic to the SRP or VDP, or a custom leads form. Landing pages are created for customers that are closer to purchase, providing a place for them to research vehicles on the dealership site and easily funnel them down the correct path to a purchase.


DealerSocket/DealerFire pioneered content marketing for automotive dealerships, and has refined the process to remain the leader in the space. Our early adopters of content marketing are now positioned on the top of the organice SERPs for numerous highly competitive keywords. They have also built a rapport with their customers that can't be replicated or duplicated.

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