automotive social media

Automotive Social Media

Past, present and future car buyers are using social media multiple times per day. There is no better place to ensure your brand remains top-of-mind.

  • Regular social media posts across the most frequently used platforms give you an opportunity to reach your customers outside of sales-driven environments, helping you connect with them on a more consistent and personal level.

  • People are talking about your dealership on social media, whether you're there or not. Let us be your social set of ears and help you listen and react to any comments and reviews about your brand.

  • Whether you want to run a community-focused campaign or give your on-site content more visibility, a Facebook boosting budget helps ensure your posts are not only expertly crafted, but highly targeted.

  • By adding consistent, relevant content to your website through blogging, you are engaging in effective SEO. Over time, your site will be recognized by Google and the other search engines as an authority on the topics you write about, increasing your site’s domain authority. This helps all of your interior pages increase search position.

The DealerSocket Social Media Marketing Advantage

optimized posts


Each profile and individual post is optimized to ensure your brand appears as professional online as it does in your showroom.

crafted dialogue


Social media specialists will work with you to craft smart responses to the conversations and reviews that will impact future consumers.

targeted campaigns


Partnering with PPC, social media specialists will create custom campaigns and targeted audiences to ensure your dollars are being stretched on every paid post. Every blog post is hand-written by a college-educated writer that is assigned specifically to your account and understands your dealership and the OEM you represent. Every piece of content is 100% unique, meaning duplicate content is never an issue. And it is all written for humans, while taking into account the key SEO principles that allow it to rank and help the entire site stay healthy in the search engine's eyes.