Case Study - Bob Norris From Nelson Automotive Family Happy


"I also like how the company is flexible and willing to make enhancements
based on customer feedback."

Bob Norris From Nelson Automotive Family Happy With Switch From VIN to DealerSocket

Bob Norris, Internet Manager at Nelson Automotive Family, recently made the switch from VIN Solutions to DealerSocket. Norris' advocacy for DealerSocket is especially significant, as he comes from a technology background.

According to Norris, Nelson Automotive Family decided to change for several reasons. The primary aspects of VIN they were unhappy with that DealerSocket remedies include costs, features and product deficiencies.

Norris states that his favorite aspect of using DealerSocket is the User Interface for sales people, specifically its simplicity and user–friendliness. As a company, Norris is highly impressed with DealerSocket's flexibility and willingness to make enhancements based on customer feedback. In particular, Norris cites that Nelson Automotive Family requested web leads be dissected, based upon vehicle stock number, since Nelson Automotive Family has several franchises. Nelson Automotive Family was very pleased that DealerSocket made the enhancement based on their request.

How Does DealerSocket Help You Sell More Cars?

"It is easy for us to maintain all of our teams, all of our customers, and reporting as a whole. Not just site specific. The marketing capabilities, along with the Business Rule engine, are a huge advantage."

When asked about the features of DealerSocket that outperform VIN Solutions in particular, Bob Norris states:

"I really like that the inventory for all five of our locations is available to everyone in one place. I also like how we have one ILM (Internet Lead Management) tool, but still have the ability to have five different Desking tools, one for each dealership."

In addition to his tech–driven background, Norris acts as BDC manager for his group. He is able to monitor dealership activities through Employee Dashboard, Contact Manager and the filters.

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