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DealerSocket CRM + Facebook

Leverage CRM customer intelligence to hyper-target your ad campaigns on Facebook, the platform that 57% of consumers consult when shopping for a new vehicle.

With DealerSocket CRM's Facebook Audience Integration, customer insights are linked between systems, enabling you to spend marketing dollars where they matter most.


Market Smarter.

  • Target ad spend where it matters most
  • Create integrated, cross-platform marketing campaigns
  • Eliminate manual data uploads and audience updates

About DealerSocket’s CRM

  • Centralize customer management to create rich customer experiences. Leverage sales, service, desking, communication, data mining, and digital retail – all in one place.
  • Minimize clicks and simplify processes with a modern, configurable user interface.
  • Connect all your systems through seamless integrations with OEMs and industry platforms.
  • Collaborate with dedicated success teams and advisors in your area. We help you achieve your goals with a unique combination of retail and technology experience.
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