High Five!

You Chose … Wisely
This is a limited-time campaign that will be targeted to a data set of customers who cancelled CRM in the calendar year of 2016. Based on the fact that they cancelled before or near the launch of Blackbird, they have not had a chance to see the new platform and we are offering aggressive incentives to win them back.

The data set is split into 5 regions and THE DATA WITHIN EACH REGION WILL BE RANDOMIZED AND RECEIVING ONE OF THE 3 OFFERS. We will be testing these 3 offers in each region and the one that performs best in each region may be used in future green space campaigns.

In other words, each region needs to be prepared to pitch all 3 offers!

Please note

  • This offer is open only to members of this campaign dataset.
  • These leads will be pre-loaded into SF with one of the Primary Campaign Sources of:  
    • BB Win Back 3 Months Free
    • BB Win Back Money Back Guarantee
    • BB Win Back No Set Ups
      Note: If you have an questions about the SF process for this campaign, please email KBrown@dealersocket.com.
  • Calls associated with the campaign must be logged in Salesforce with the campaign name in the subject line of the task
Link to Sales Training Slide Deck

Incentive 1
3 Months Free CRM

First 3 months free on Blackbird CRM all CRM auxiliary products up to $2500 per month max ($7500 total)
  • Minimum one a 1-year contract with no out
  • Minimum of $500 setup fee
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Incentive 2
90 Day Money-back Guarantee on CRM

Minimum one a 1-year with a 30 day written out in the first 90 days
  • Dealer can cancel any time in the first 90 days with a 30-day written notice
  • Dealer will be refunded monthly fees paid up to 90 days from launch
  • If dealer ops to continue with DealerSocket on a month to month basis, only the first 90 days of monthly fees will be reimbursed.  Additional months will not be refunded.
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Incentive 3
No Setup Fees/No On-siteTraining Fees at Install/No First Month Fee

  • Minimum 1-year contract
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Additional Legal Verbiage
Terms and Conditions: 
  • Only dealers that previously were on DS CRM and cancelled in 2016 are eligible for this offer
  • Limited time offer. DealerSocket has the right to modify or end any promotion at any time.
  • Customer is responsible for all taxes, fees, and surcharges.
  • After the applicable free promotional period, then-current renewal rates will apply.
  • Additional terms and conditions may apply to the products and services ordered by Customer.
  • This offer may not be transferred, altered, exchanged, or substituted, and may not be combined with any other offer.
  • The terms of this offer are intended for the recipient only and may not be shared with any other person or party.
  • Offers valid until August 31st, 2017.


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