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September 8, 2016

DealerSocket is a Premier Google Partner. And yes, we’re pretty proud of that fact. This partnership has brought us many advantages in the Google AdWords arena. But more important than the status itself are the products and level of service that we have worked hard to perfect in the DealerFire product line.

You see, to be a Premier Google Partner, you need to have AdWords-certified analysts as well as meet various performance and spend requirements. In short, you need to be legit in the world of AdWords.

What sets us apart from the competition in automotive isn’t solely the fact that we are a Premier Google Partner. It’s the way we provide our services. We pride ourselves on being white glove; we adjust our strategy to meet our dealership’s specific KPIs. The fact that we are hands-on with each client allows us to tweak campaigns at just the right time to maximize ROI.


Of course, we have the technology too, including dynamic inventory ads that can display live dealership inventory and be targeted to consumers looking for those exact vehicles. In addition to standout information like pricing, stock levels, and other vehicle details, our ads also offer custom creative that helps drive consumers to VDPs across all devices.

Our custom creative is second-to-none and included at all spend levels. We are focused on continually creating new visual elements and graphics, from custom wording on basic search campaigns to fully animated HTML5 ads. Our display network offerings are where the creative takes it to the next level, targeting consumers on the sites and platforms they visit most while still being completely unique.

When you roll in the data integrations and access that we have across the company for advanced and custom targeting, it’s easy to see why we’ve been recognized for our expansion in PPC.

I could go on, but the bottom line is that there are many advantages of enrolling with DealerFire for your PPC campaign — our partnership with Google is just one.

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