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The all-new DealerFire ENGINE 6 website platform brings next level performance to Franchise, Independent, and BHPH dealers. When we say it’s lightning fast, WE. MEAN. SPEED. And we've got the metrics to prove it. ENGINE 6 sites are consistently ranked best in class with third-party performance metrics. We're ranked near perfect by Google.

Unrivaled page load speed consistently ranked best in class by Google.


Why is page load speed important? When most car shopping is done on our phones, and buyer impressions are made in microseconds, it's your one shot to shine or get dumped. The average website visitor abandons a webpage that takes longer than four seconds to load and we clock in at three. How many new leads does that equate to across every single month? Furthermore, most sites strip out mobile content in an attempt to increase page load speed. We don't need to. All your gorgeous branding stays in place.



We built ENGINE 6 to empower the hardest working in automotive. Your brand, your story, your vision of a brilliant digital showroom brought to life in stunning visuals. Your customers will see the difference, too. We’ve created a clear, uncluttered path to purchase with features to close deals.

  • Native Facebook chat integration to increase utilization and save you money
  • Forms optimized with mobile input types for increased conversion
  • Text-to-self functionality for easy saving/sharing of vehicles
  • Normalized vehicle features/colors for intuitive and familiar shopping experience


The DealerFire ENGINE 6 website platform is a whole new way of looking at custom. Utilizing our extensive, data-driven insights into how car buyers want to shop, we built a base site structure incorporating the best of design-thinking, automotive-specific decisioning and high-speed page load performance. This powerhouse combination equates to a better experience for both dealer and customer.

From there, a dealer has the freedom to personalize with ease. How do you want to sell cars? You choose.

  • All-new site management platform that rivals the leading industry-agnostic tools, built specifically for automotive dealerships.
  • Our designers know your business and guide you through the rapid build process.
  • Modern site build functionality featuring intuitive, automotive-centric, drag-and-drop modules means your site is up and running in a hot minute.
  • From any web browser, pro users will have the freedom and flexibility to take control of their site, make real-time updates and become ENGINE 6 power users.
  • Integration with DealerSocket CRM, Inventory+ and iDMS means your team gets more done with less.

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