DealerSocket Aids in Fort McMurray Wildfire Disaster Relief



94,000 people have been evacuated out of 12 neighbourhoods in the Alberta area



All monetary donations are being matched by the government of Canada until May 31, 2016



The wildfire still covers 2,410 square meters



DealerSocket will make a 100% matching donation in the amount of the setup fees

On May 1, 2016, a wildfire began near Fort McMurray, Alberta, Canada, and continues to spread in the area. The impact of these fires has been severe, and a local state of emergency has been declared. We at DealerSocket would like to do our part in supporting the community to recover and rebuild. We will be making a matching monetary donation equal to the amount of setup fees received for contracts signed by all Canadian dealers through June 30, 2016, to the Canadian Red Cross.

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