Customer Search Integration for all GM Dealer Users

DealerSocket CRM Introduces Customer Search Integration for all GM Dealer Users

The Dealer Customer Data Exchange (DCDE), or the GM Dealer Customer Search, allows GM dealers to view customer information updates directly from the manufacturer from within DealerSocket CRM. With this collaboration, GM dealers can quickly and easily access the GM database anytime they make a customer inquiry, whether it is a conquest, walk-in, phone prospect, previous sales or service customer, or internet lead.

This extended view of the customer includes:

  • Customer Information
  • Service History
  • Ownership Lifecycle
  • Active and Inactive Vehicle Data
  • Private Offers

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General Motors’ Dealer Technology Assitance Program (DTAP) is a comprehensive program designed to support GM dealers’ choice of technology. DealerSocket will continue to work with the General Motors DTAP team for additional enhancements and new integration offerings to be released in the near future.

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