Inbound APIs

Send Meaningful Messages to Consumers

By providing integration points between dealers’ marketing partners and CRM, dealers can work more efficiently and send more relevant content to their customers.

  • Activity Insert/Update – Create or update Activity (To Do) types for open events in DealerSocket:
    • Outbound Call
    • Appointment
    • Read Work Notes
    • Web Leads
  • Call Vendor Direct Post Work Note Update – Add additional information (such as follow-ups and transcripts of the original call) to an existing event as a work note.
  • CTI Direct Post – Send inbound and outbound call information to DealerSocket so that activities can be tracked for the inbound call recipient or the outbound caller.
  • Customer Update – Update customer information in DealerSocket. This will soon also allow for inserting of customers if not currently found in DealerSocket.
  • EntitySync – Send website visitor information and link the visitor to an existing customer record in DealerSocket when a match is found.
  • Event Update – Updates to open Sales and Service Events as work notes.
  • Work Note Insert – Update work notes on open Sales and Service Events.

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