Dealership Inventory Analytics and Reporting

Performance analytics without the blind spots.

Get optimal and measurable results with best-in-class data and analytics whether you are a group, franchise or independent dealership.

Inventory+ has a unique capability to gather and analyze huge amounts of aggregated transaction data, plus real-time listing data to provide you the best stocking and pricing recommendations specific to your dealership no matter how big or how small.

Key features and benefits.

Be More Efficient

Our Book Difference (Dealmaker) report empowers dealers to instantly identify qualifying in-stock vehicles based on bank determined payment, advance or both. Dealers become more efficient with their time in placing the customer in the right vehicle from the start that delivers the best balance of aging control and profit. Inventory+ dealers are converting more deals and reducing sell time…making happier customers and more profitable transactions.

Display The Data You Want

View inventory at the group, store and user level easily, whenever you want and wherever you are. Monitor inventory aging, time to market, sales and appraiser performance and other key metrics in one view, or create personalized dashboards with specific data displayed for your dealerships. Gain confidence in your decisions. Nobody has a more comprehensive data offering than Inventory+.

Create a Life Cycle Plan For Each Trade-In Vehicle at the Time of Appraisal.

Inventory+ Analytics and Reporting tool allows you to view time to market, sales performance and additional key metrics for more accurate appraisals. You can view vehicle history reports such as CARFAX or Autocheck, and access multiple guidebooks including Live Auction Values, NADA®, Black Book®, Kelley Blue Book® and Galves.

With multiple dealerships I'm looking at the bigger picture, and Inventory+ reporting tools help me do that every single day. I can determine what the inventory looks like, what the profit looks like, what our Profit-per-day is. It's a critical indicator of whether we're doing the right thing.

Mike Halloran, Director of Sales, Fletcher Jones Chicago

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