Inventory Appraisal Tool for Dealerships

All the data you need to make the right decisions.

Our award winning appraisal tool makes valuating a vehicle simple, quick, and easy from mobile or desktop.

Win more trades. Make more deals. Sell more cars. Everyday.

Inventory+ Appraisal Workflow perfects the appraisal process by offering a real-time, synchronized mobile-to-desktop hand-off, and the most comprehensive set of data analytics available. Workflows are streamlined, allowing you to merchandise the trade-in before the customer has even left the lot. From mobile to desktop, your dealership efficiency is improved. You win more trades, make more deals, and become more profitable.

Why rely solely on online market pricing data and guidebooks to make decisions? Inventory+ adds the horsepower of real transactional data and your own dealership’s history to help you make the best decisions, right from the start.

Now that’s winning. That’s Inventory+.

Key Features and Benefits

Centralized Appraisals

Have any superstar appraisers that you would like to leverage across your entire group? With Inventory+ Appraisal Central, it’s now possible. Our platform enables dealer groups to leverage their market and historical data in ways never done before. Learn More

Smart Appraisal Decisions

Know what you’ve sold, how you sold it, how it’s selling in the market, and make smarter appraisal decisions. Drive smarter deal and trade decisions with unique scoring technology that highlights a vehicle’s potential at your store and in your local market.

Real-time Retail Analytics Powered by TrueTarget™

Review the local and online competitive landscape in real-time as well as real-time pricing of local competition and the number of similar models currently online.

Appraisal Notifications

Receive notifications when an appraisal occurs, allowing dealers to make quick decisions on trade-ins and source needed vehicles from their auto group partners.

Smart Scoring

Get smart scoring and stocking recommendations specific to your dealership’s ideal inventory model. Gain access to the information necessary to create a plan for each trade vehicle at the time of appraisal, maximizing profitability whether wholesale or retail, all from one screen.

History Reports and Guidebooks

Run trusted vehicle history reports such as CARFAX® or AutoCheck®. Access multiple guidebooks including NADA®, Black Book®, Kelley Blue Book®, and Galves.

Auction Data

Retrieve auction data from Manheim Market Report, including trim and region specific info. Price to wholesale or market with integrated books.

"Since we started using Inventory+ and by really utilizing all of the tools and information that are available to us through Inventory+, we've seen a substantial increase in our gross profit per vehicle sold on the pre-owned side by almost $500 per car."

− Garth Blumenthal , Fletcher Jones

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