Inventory Grouptrade

We’ve created a marketplace that matches quality buyers to market-driven sellers.

Inventory+ offers three different options for auto groups: GroupTrade, Social Trade, and OpenTrade.


Trade within your dealer group at no cost. Know which dealers will be the most profitable and most likely to purchase your distressed or unwanted inventory.

  • Your buy list is automatically updated as new vehicles are posted, alerting you to inventory that performs as a “best seller” or “profit maker” for you.
  • Buy vehicles already reconditioned, with knowledge of the repairs that were made.

Social Trade

Choose the dealers you want to trade with; in your area, your 20 Group, or other trusted Inventory+ dealers across the country. Develop your own preferred trading networks.

  • Trade with other Inventory+ customers with low flat buy and sell fees.
  • Develop your own preferred trading networks.
  • Be confident when trading your vehicles, with the support of third party facilitation and arbitration.

Open Trade

Trade with anyone. As a subscriber, anyone can buy your inventory through Inventory+. Offer your vehicles through one auction or all major, national auction networks, with easy single-click access.

  • Enjoy the industry’s most affordable buy and sell fees.
  • Sold vehicles are automatically removed across all platforms, reducing potential fines and penalties.

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