Dealership Inventory Pricing

Find your sweet spot. The right vehicles at the right price, every time.

Our dealers make more profit and sell more cars. Don’t guess, don’t gamble. Don’t be handicapped without it. Maximize gross – every time and every day with Inventory+.

Inventory+ gives you more data sources than any other tool in the industry to help you find your sweet spot. Now you can sell your vehicles faster and without compromising profit.

Our TrueScore™ appraisal tool looks at aggregated transactional data and your historical sales data to help you make the best purchase and offer decisions. The market may not do well with the vehicle, but your dealership may. And likewise, the market may do well with a vehicle, but it might not be right for your dealership. Don’t guess; we’ll tell you.

Then, leverage the live online market data of our award winning TrueTarget™ pricing tool to make the best pricing decisions on day one. TrueTarget combines data from®,™, and ebay Motors®. We then add powerful industry metrics from NADA, Black Book®, Kelley Blue Book®, Galves®, CARFAX®, and real-time auction transactions for an even more precise pricing picture.

Be your best every day by using the best in vehicle pricing. Be your best by using Inventory+.

Key Features and Benefits

Know which cars to buy

Your inventory strategy should start with comprehensive and actionable data. TrueScore delivers relevant business intelligence that you need to make consistent, profitable and timely decisions.

Know how to price to market

With the TrueTarget advanced pricing tool, track competing dealerships and adjust competitive view by vehicle color, distance and options. Get live roll-overs and exact pricing history on all competing vehicles.

Pricing reports

TrueTarget pricing reports keep your dealership in perfect merchandising health. View vehicles by age, price, alert status, and market day’s supply.

Vehicle history you can trust

We partner with CARFAX and AutoCheck® for integrated vehicle history data. You can also access detailed one-to-one vehicle data with a VIN.

"With multiple dealerships, I'm looking at the bigger picture. Inventory+ reporting tools help me do that every single day. I can determine what the inventory looks like, what the profit looks like, and what our profit-per-day is."

− Mike Halloran, Director of Sales, Fletcher Jones Chicago

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