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Evolving to meet your needs.
At DealerSocket, we know what’s important to you: profit per day. We are constantly innovating our software to help you more easily manage inventory, increase profits, and better serve you.

Source cars perfect for your lot with Absolute Sourcing.

  • Locate and purchase vehicles based on your buy/sell list
  • View a list of missed appraisals so you can reach back out to those customers and win the trade
  • Know which auctions hold inventory suited for your lot and purchase them within Inventory+
  • Group trade with sister stores if they hold inventory that would perform better at your store

Price in bulk with OEM incentives & rebates with New Car.

  • Easily manage pricing across your entire inventory, or segments of your inventory
  • Bulk price across new and used vehicles
  • Filter vehicles by age, model, trim, color, and more to update pricing based on your unique strategies
  • Apply OEM incentives & rebates when pricing on new cars

Prioritize merchandising with DealerFire VDP/SRP data.

  • Understand how many views and leads your merchandised cars are receiving
  • Strategize pricing and stocking needs based on marketing performance
  • Know on which vehicles you should increase or decrease marketing spend

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