Leverage Mobile Technology

As technology continues to penetrate and integrate into dealerships, top performers will accelerate their utilization of mobile technology. Dealership-wide implementation of data-driven toolsets will improve inventory management, streamline desking, maximize consumer outreach, and enhance profitability.

Real-time data is available to dealers of all types at a quality and depth never before seen. A progressive dealership will utilize a comprehensive analytics suite that leverages mobile technology to not only capture data, but also make informed decisions from any location.

Inventory Management is Not a Desk Job

Like your inventory, your team is constantly on the move. Whether it’s your buyer going from auction to auction, your appraiser checking on trades, or your lot manager stocking vehicles, everyone is always on the go.

Mobile technology is the great enabler. It allows dealers to seamlessly link across departments and integrate complex data sets throughout the process.

A mobile inventory management platform makes you more efficient by:
  • Getting your vehicles to market faster with merchandising and syndication during appraisal
  • Empowering multiple users to increase appraisal speed and transparency
  • Providing real-time push notifications on an offer, whether buying or selling
  • Moving vehicles into inventory in one simple step
  • Launching vehicles to multiplatform listings
Careful examination of a vehicle’s daily profitability can be your secret weapon. Mobile seamlessly links and drives profitability across departments, allowing dealers to generate more revenue more efficiently on the sales floor and in the service drive.

Outreach Strategies

Comprehensive analytics suites are available to the average dealer. The real-time access consumers have to accurate data has leveled the playing field. A progressive dealer must use mobile tools to stay a step ahead in this “democratization” of the sales process. Choosing a strategic technology partner becomes vital in making use of the right tools for the job.

Mobile ensures inventory is both carefully monitored and widely advertised.
  • Enhance SEM and SEO with mobile-captured pictures, videos, and descriptions
  • Send messages to interested buyers at the right time though email campaigns tied to CRM tools
  • Interact with millennials — the largest-ever buying demographic and most likely to avoid face-to-face engagement — through live chat and other online communication tools
The bottom line: Mobile is the key to unlocking success going forward. Mobile inventory management specifically provides the tools to illuminate visibility across your dealership and grease the wheels for faster vehicle turn. Put an end to stale inventory gobbling up precious overhead for far too long. Instead, find an inventory management partner with a strong mobile offering to begin discovering greater, more rapid profits today.

To learn more about the opportunities this market presents or to schedule a demo of DealerSocket’s next-generation technology platform, call one of our friendly experts at 877.833.8030 or visit dealersocket.com/inventory-mobile.

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