Case Study - MobileCRM


"I feel customers prefer doing business that way. It gives them that Apple Store feel."

"MobileCRM is an employee–retention tool, as well."


Mark Exposito, General Manager for Camelback VW Subaru Mazda, has used DealerSocket CRM for approximately four years and began using MobileCRM in February, 2012. When asked how MobileCRM has improved his dealership's sales processes, Exposito stated, "It has brought us into the twenty–first century, so to speak."

Employees, as well as customers, enjoy using the technology. "It's a way to get our younger, more technology–driven sales staff to become more involved in using DealerSocket," Exposito elaborated. He also said customers seem more comfortable giving their information to staff when they are standing in front of them with an iPad, rather than the employee needing to run to a computer. "We are able to capture more data, more quickly."

When asked what the best part of the DealerSocket MobileCRM program was, Exposito explained, "The Sales Dashboard. I can be out on a Sunday afternoon with my family and, by checking the Sales Dashboard on my phone, I can still get a pulse of what is happening at the dealership." Exposito continued, "The salespeople enjoy being able to access their customer information on their mobile device because, many times, they do not have easy access to a desktop. We have a large campus so the mobile–device capability comes in handy."

How MobileCRM has changed the way Exposito sells cars:

"It has given us the ability to gather more of our customers' information, which leads to better follow–up by the salespeople."

Exposito feels MobileCRM also serves as an employee–retention tool. "Our employees love using the technology. They are excited their employer trusts them enough to access their customers' information on their mobile phones or iPads."

Mark has been in the automotive industry for 25 years and has worked at Camelback VW Subaru Mazda for 15 years. Camelback VW Subaru Mazda has been voted the #1 dealership in Arizona for the 13 years running by Arizona Business.

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