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Everything DealerSocket does is for the dealer, which means we understand how vital your CRM is to your operation. That’s why we continue to invest in our CRM solution and the superior customer service we provide every step of the way. Partner with DealerSocket, where no dealer gets left behind.

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Award-Winning CRM

At NADA 2020, DealerSocket CRM was recognized for the following Dealer Satisfaction awards:

  • Desking Dealer Satisfaction Award: CRM
  • Owner Marketing Dealer Satisfaction Award: RevenueRadar
  • CRM Sales Dealer Satisfaction Award: CRM
  • CRM Fixed Ops Dealer Satisfaction Award: CRM
What Dealers Are Saying:

"The service is excellent…. I either reach out to support via text or phone call. It’s nice to be able to just reach out quickly and get that help that I need.”vice is excellent…when we call from something we get a response." 

— Kerry Kohout, BDC Manager

Anderson Honda

"People are on their phones more than they are on a desktop. We had to change our process to make it easier to connect with our customers. We connect with them on their terms. The Mobile CRM makes it easy no matter where we are. We can be at the movies, with our families or at the dealership."

— Manuel Souza, Sales Manager

“We love our customer success manager. He plays a big role for us. Anytime I have a problem, I just call him, and it’s fixed. He also has a very good, basic way of explaining things to people, even when they’re not tech-savvy, which helps me with the training aspect.”

 — Myda Fuentes, Internet Director

"You know every company or software you use might have issues, things can come up. It's all a matter of what kind of response you can get to solve the problems. If I ever have a problem, all I have to do is call [my CSM] and in the matter of seconds the problem is solved. That is one of the greatest tools we can see anywhere."

— Austin Sepasi, President

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