Driving Forward: What's Driving Your Website?

A buyer walks into your dealership around 4 pm on a Friday and you sell them the vehicle because that’s how you roll. Now it’s Friday night and you need to get that vehicle off your site and feature another on that valuable piece of digital real estate.

One of two things happen:

  1. You submit the request to your website provider, who then makes the necessary changes to the complex custom code...on Monday morning. Over the course of the weekend, several people who see the now-sold vehicle on your site stop by hoping to test-drive. When it’s not there they are disappointed, their guard goes up, and your job is more difficult.
  2. You use a platform built specifically for dealers, so you are empowered jump online and make the necessary changes easily in a matter of minutes. Your site is up-to-date throughout the weekend and you spend the next 48 hours absolutely crushing it.

At DealerSocket, we built a website platform that empowers you to make changes as fast as you make sales. Engine 6 was built from the ground up, for dealers, by people who live and breathe the automotive industry.

Automotive Solutions to Automotive Challenges
Your website houses a TON of content. All dealership sites do. It’s the nature of the game, and it’s what makes building and maintaining a high-performing website so much more difficult for auto dealers than, say, every other industry in the world.

That’s why you shouldn’t trust your website to a platform that claims to be a one-size-fits-all platform across all industries.

Meet Customers Where They Are
Our websites, unlike some of our competitors, are seamless on any device, mobile or desktop. If you want a customer to move the shopping experience form your site to your lot, you must meet them where they are, which means phones and tablets even more than computers.

In the latest episode of Driving Forward, Eric Giroux and Cavan Robinson break down common challenges facing automotive websites and how Engine 6 solves them. And they should know, they built it! In the podcast, Eric shouts out Heritage Toyota, which is an example of a dealership who is leveraging Engine 6 to streamline their content and deliver customers a faster, simpler experience.

To get a closer look at Engine 6, request a demo below.

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