Case Study - Reynolds CRM to DS Matt Kellogg


"Since using DealerSocket, Internet sales have increased 20–30%. Year to Date, Internet Sales have increased by a total of 35% compared to last year."


Matt Kellogg is Director of Internet Sales and eCommerce for Gates Nissan and Gates Hyundai of Richmond. Unhappy with his CRM provider (Reynolds Contact Management), he needed the advice of a sister store that was advocating DealerSocket. They have been using DealerSocket for 3–4 years and are very happy with it. "They showed me the tool, and I was very impressed with the ease of use." stated Kellogg.

Kellogg has been impressed with the guidance DealerSocket has provided his dealership, such as being made aware of the importance of data and how it is utilized. He also expressed appreciation of learning "the power of having an email address, and how we can market to our customers through the tool." When asked about the results since implementing DealerSocket in November 2011, Kellogg enthusiastically stated, "Since using DealerSocket, internet sales have increased 20 – 30%. Year to date, internet sales have increased by a total of 35% compared to last year."

Kellogg highlighted three aspects of using DealerSocket as standouts: the ability to pull reports to see what the data says; the opportunity to hold staff accountable through the Sales DashBoard; and, the incredible customer service DealerSocket provides. Kellogg stated that it is perhaps the best customer service he has received from any company, including outside the automotive space.

Kellogg's Best Practice for Utilizing DealerSocket

"The Daily Checkout feature helps us hold each salesperson accountable everyday. Through this tool, we give our sales people incentives. The requirements are to have all their to–dos completed, at least two appointments per day inputted, and all of their phone follow–ups completed. If a sales person is deficient in one of these categories, he/she is allowed to fulfill it with a "Wild Card," which is earned when he/she sells a car."

Kellogg is ecstatic about the overall performance of DealerSocket CRM. It has helped Gates Nissan and Gates Hyundai of Richmond maintain constant communication with customers. Kellogg added that the system is user–friendly, which contributes to his staff's willingness to use it.

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