White Paper - The Science of Fixed Operations

Dealership profits have been on the rise since 2011, not only because of Auto sales but because there's more effort being put into maintenance services. Increased revenues are attributed to exceptional vehicle-maintenance that would motivate a loyal customer return for continued service.

We know that not all dealerships possess a BDC but don't hold back from doubling up staff responsibilities and allocating time to deliver alerts and reminders to your roster of clients. Right from the get–go of a vehicle sale, developing a strong correspondence with the customer is key.


It's Not Over Yet

You sold a car. Mission accomplished, right? Not really. Selling a car is just the first step in producing revenue growth in the long–run by accommodating potential problems before they occur. The best thing to work into practice would be to schedule an appointment immediately following the contractual purchase. Don't hesitate offering something along the lines of a complementary 1st oil change.


The Waiting Game

Waiting for something bad to happen to your customer's car will only have them go on with their own independent search for service. This is where your BDC really comes in. They may have bought the car but the profit stream comes from supplemental ongoing auto–care. Build upon the long–run loyalty and they'll be back for their upgrade.


Cut The Cord

The instrumental medium upholding communication comes from the mobile platform. 43% of drivers perform a web–search for a place to get their car serviced. Know that it's most proficient to cut to the chase by having your BDC at the reins of mobile customer correspondence. You'd be performing the search for them as well as to your dealership. Deliver text notifications and mobile–ready emails that facilitate fluid and on–the–spot reading for your customers.

Tailor Made

When building onto your mobile presence, be sure to tailor messages and notifications geared around seamless mobile reading. That way, notifications you'd like to get across coincide with their threshold for taking in a lot of information over their phone. Remember, frequent notifications aren't for securing an immediate profit but to emphasize your dealership's concern to ensure that you retain customer interest. Don't get carried away with messages. Flooding their mobile with information would yield the possibility of them being dissuaded in reading.


Get Em Back In

Establish fluid BDC communication following a vehicle's purchase to maintain a driver's comfort in having their car cared for. After all, the revenue stream is now reliant upon fixed operations.

Periodical Alerts and Notifications:

  • Birthdays

  • Vehicle Purchase Anniversary

  • Potential recall notices

  • Oil changes

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