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DealerFire SEO Playbook

Dealers have grappled with the SEO landscape for over 10 years. We've lost our way by creating content and strategies around acronyms instead of people - and that has to change.

Register for our SEO Playbook and know your digital strategy plays. Written by our Director of Digital Marketing, Wes Lungwitz, this 4-part playbook is your new back-pocket trade secret that will take your digital showroom to a level you didn't even know existed. 

Each part is packed with a summary, 3-4 chapters, term glossaries, and more.

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SEO Playbook

SEO has become a sort of “catch all” phrase for vendors that know they should be doing something for your business but cannot clearly define the exact methods to get you to the top of that search results page.

    In this playbook, we'll cover:
  • organic search results
  • balancing quantity of content with quality
  • 3 ways to check if your digital vendor is deceiving you
  • 8 hands-on tactics you can do right now to start your content marketing
  • 7 content marketing pitfalls to avoid
  • 2 case studies
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