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April 14, 2017

Staying Relevant: Mobile

We are all addicted to our phones. Everywhere you go, you see people on their phones. Whether it is for research, work, or entertainment, people are reaching for their mobile devices more often. Understanding how consumers interact with and consume content on their mobile devices is key for any business, and car dealerships are no exception. With it, you can create an effective digital marketing strategy and engage with consumers on their platform of choice.

According to data shared by Google in March 2016, one car buyer’s research included than 900 digital touch-points over a three-month period. Seventy-one percent of those interactions occurred on a mobile device. Google searches make up the majority of these interactions, but YouTube videos, images, manufacturer interactions, and dealer interactions all play a major role in a car buyer’s decision-making process.

A 2014 Google report provided additional evidence that local searches are on the rise. Half of all consumers who conduct a local search on their smartphone will visit a store within a day of that search. Local searches lead to more purchases than nonlocal searches. As technology becomes more refined, consumers are demanding that the information they receive is customized to their local area. They want addresses, directions, phone numbers, business hours, and product availability.

How can your dealership reach mobile customers? An effective mobile SEM (search engine marketing) strategy is key. The SEM specialists at DealerSocket optimize every account for mobile users. DealerSocket uses many strategies to ensure that mobile users are effectively targeted. Here are just a few:

  • Include location-specific keywords in the account (example: “Volkswagen dealership in Chicago”)
  • Increase bid adjustments for mobile devices to outbid our competitors in the mobile market
  • Utilize location and call extensions to display a clickable address and phone number
  • Customize ad text to mobile searches with a “Call Now” call to action
  • Utilize dynamic ads that automatically update with vehicle inventory information

At DealerSocket, we see trends as they are happening and adjust digital marketing campaigns to mirror consumer behavior. All of our digital ad creative is custom-written to ensure that a dealership’s brand is in good hands. We assign a a dedicated SEM specialist to each account to monitor and optimize results across all devices and ensure each dealership gets the best results possible for their budget.

As consumers move closer to digital car buying and the mobile market grows, the importance of a corresponding strategy cannot be overstated. For more information on working with DealerSocket’s digital marketing team, visit our DealerFire product page.

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