Where it began

When Rudy T., also known by the industry as El Patronn, took the reins of Brooklyn Mitsubishi on Aug. 5, 2017, he had big plans for what he viewed as an underperforming dealership. He wanted to own his primary marketing area (PMA) with a massive inventory that spanned from a $3,000 special finance car to Bentleys with 1,000 miles on the clock. To do that, Rudy knew he needed a solution that would allow him to take advantage of 20 years of untouched customer data.


Where it went

Once Rudy was exposed to DealerSocket CRM’s expansive data capture capabilities and how its RevenueRadar data-mining tool puts the data to work, he knew DealerSocket had what he needed to create a pipeline of business to keep his showroom hopping. “I’m big on data mining. I felt like the best way to increase the numbers was to focus on our old data,” Rudy says. “DealerSocket did just that, and it shows in the numbers.” Brooklyn Mitsubishi sold 400 cars in the first four months of 2018 – just about matching the store’s new vehicle count for all of 2017. The dealership ended the year with a 65% increase in sales, and, more importantly, a 52% jump in total gross profit. Rudy says that Brooklyn Mitsubishi now owns 94% of its PMA a tribute to his process and technology-driven approach.

How it got there

Rudy says the CRM’s ability to create automated alerts based on notes a salesperson types in about a customer is what has really moved the needle. One example of how that works is if a customer enters the store looking for a particular model that’s not in stock. The tool jumps into action once the vehicle shows up on the lot via trade, auction or another sourcing channel.

Brooklyn Mitsubishi fields about 100 leads a day behind an aggressive marketing strategy, Rudy’s social media activities, and his active BDC. It’s why he is a big fan of DealerSocket CRM’s Business Rules, a feature that will automatically reassign a lead if it’s not responded to in a set amount of time. Mitsubishi gives its stores 10 minutes to respond; Rudy requires a response from his team in five.

The tool that keeps his BDC active is SocketTalk. Rudy requires that his staffers follow up every email with a call and text to confirm a scheduled appointment and location. The tool is so popular with his BDC that one staffer logged 366,000 text messages in a single month, with each correspondence saved into the CRM.

Rudy tracks all that activity using the CRM’s custom dashboard, which he’s configured so he can see every note and track deals and the managers working them. The tool he saves the most praise for, however, is RevenueRadar, which he dives into whenever Mitsubishi releases a new program, he’s heavy on certain models, or to boost sales at month-end.

“I highly recommend dealers activate RevenueRadar within the CRM. We’re in there creating email blasts, buy-back programs. You can’t survive if you don’t live off your data.”

Note: Rudy T., aka El Patronn, has since moved to another New York-based dealership