The Dealership Service Action Report

DealerSocket joined forces with Google and J.D. Power while tapping its own vast customer data to provide Toyota dealers with new consumer insights. The result is the Dealership Service Action Report.

  • We partnered with Google to survey more than 2,000 consumers who purchased a vehicle in the last 12 months and gauge their attitude toward the service department.
  • We posed the same questions to dealerships and dealer groups across North America to see if their perceptions differed from the consumer’s.
  • We collaborated with J.D. Power to examine consumer satisfaction using the Power Information Network (PIN). 
  • We poured over a wealth of data pulled directly from the DealerSocket platform, including operational and trend data from CRM, DealerFire websites, and Inventory+ inventory management solutions.
Download the Dealership Service Action Report to see if you know what your customer really wants.

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