Virtual Classroom gets you quick, hands-on training with DealerSocket. It’s like having an expert at your desk walking you through the system.

Max Out Your DealerSocket Investment

The DealerSocket platform is powered by sophisticated, feature-rich technology. While our products are designed for ease of use, most of us still need a little coaching to become DealerSocket pros. DealerSocket’s Virtual Classroom training is designed to get your team up to speed quickly and efficiently.

You have probably sat through dull software training classes where you still feel completely overwhelmed the first time you log in. That's because most learners only retain 30 percent of the material when watching somebody else present.

The material finally sticks when you log in and start using the system for yourself. Research suggests that learners retain 75% percent of the material they learn through hands-on practice — more than twice the knowledge retention of traditional classroom training.

DealerSocket’s innovative Virtual Classroom gets you hands-on with DealerSocket as quickly as possible. With your hand on the mouse, you are guided through carefully designed training exercises by a live instructor. The instructor can see your screen, and you can ask for help any time. Virtual Classroom is like having a DealerSocket expert at your desk walking you through the system.

With DealerSocket’s advanced training method, you can make the most of your time in the classroom so you can get back to doing what you do best.

Don’t Just Don’t Just See It, Retain It

Your staff is guided through real-world scenarios that get them the most out of your DealerSocket technology as quickly as possible.

Training That Fits Your Schedule

Classes are offered multiple times per day throughout the week to accommodate the varying schedules of your employees and to help you ensure proper showroom coverage.

Still Live, Still Human

Every training session is led by a live, remote instructor to provide immediate answers to questions and guidance throughout the process, increasing engagement and retention.

Run That by Me Again

Virtual Classroom is the most effective training you can get for a fraction of the cost of onsite training. And, you can easily come back to Virtual Classroom anytime you need a refresher.

New Customers: Complimentary 60-Day Training

This immersive learning experience significantly improves on traditional lecture-style training and is now complimentary during your first 60 days with DealerSocket.

See the DealerSocket difference.

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Existing Customers: Stay On the Cutting Edge

Virtual Classroom is an excellent resource for training new hires or for increasing the knowledge level of your current staff. As always, our online training videos are also available as a free training resource within DealerSocket University.

Add Virtual Classroom to your package today for unlimited hands-on training whenever you need it.

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