Is Your Content King? Review Your Keyword Strategy with SEO Experts at DealerFire

Tuesday, July 16 11:00 AM PST

Have you considered keyword research within your SEO strategy? For over a decade, DealerFire has been curating content for dealerships, focusing on integrations between custom messaging and dynamic data.

Grab some tips from John Meise, Sr. Manager of Strategic Content, as he dissects the process of keyword research as it relates to organic traffic acquisition.

Boom. Done. Ensuring Your Website Meets The Latest Accessibility Requirements

Tuesday, June 4 11:00 AM PST

Join Cavan Robinson, Director of Product Marketing for Dealer Socket and Tyler D'Amore, Director of Strategic Partnerships at AudioEye, on June 4 to learn more about digital accessibility and what automotive dealerships need to know about it.

We'll discuss the recent changes to legislation and why websites are increasingly considered places of public accommodation. We'll also tackle accessibility standards on the web, and what you need to know about regulations and guidelines that apply to them.

Stop Throttling Your DMS and Unleash Its Full Power

Tuesday, May 14 11:00 AM PST

Like using your high-powered sports car to only go to the corner store for groceries, your DMS is likely not being utilized to its full power to maximize profits for your dealership. Hear from our experts on how your independent dealership can gain greater efficiency, increased automation, and improved data accuracy by taking full advantage of your DMS’ functionality.

Facebook Live! Explore How Dealerships Are Using Facebook to Reach Customers & Drive Their Bottom Line

Tuesday, May 7 11:00 AM PST

In this session, Kris Nielsen of Aristocrat Motors, promotes the idea of advertising inventory on social media and shares success stories from his nine years as customer experience manager. Cavan Robinson, director of product marketing at DealerSocket, explains the digital strategy behind social media and how dealers can now use integrated technology, like CRM, to specially target consumers.

The Bottom Line: The Ideal Inventory Model Increases Profits

Tuesday, April 23 11:00 AM PST

Is your bottom line hurting from race-to-the-bottom pricing wars and you need relief? Learn how the Ideal Inventory Model (IIM) improves your dealership’s profitability. Our experts will cover the surprising starting point where you begin improving your profitability and how understanding your core vehicle types leads to acquiring the right inventory at the right price.

Customer Experience: How Larry H. Miller Dealerships Nails it!

Thursday, April 18 11:00 AM PST

Please join us for a special PowerBreak guest! Mark Gasser, Director of Customer Experience at Larry H. Miller Dealerships, will chat with our own Darren Harris, CRM General Manager, about the processes, strategies and technology that keeps LHM strong and their customers happy and loyal. Learn about how LHM leverages their DealerSocket technology, trains their sales staff, markets to their customers, handles leads, structures their BDC, and more. You won’t want to miss the rare opportunity to listen in on this conversation and ask questions of these two industry experts.

Mobile Matters: 5 UX/UI Trends That Should Be Driving Your Dealership Strategy

Tuesday, April 2 11:00 AM PST

Are you reaching your shoppers on-the-go? Are you enabling your salespeople with cutting-edge technology? Join DealerSocket's Director of Design Gina Speed, and Product Marketing Director Cavan Robinson for an in-depth conversation about the state of mobile in automotive, and how it's affecting your bottom line.

Partner Focus: Own the Phones with Car Wars and DealerSocket

Thursday, March 28 11:00 AM PST

Car Wars is the phone solution for over 13,000 auto dealerships in Canada and the United States. Car Wars works with owners and managers who are frustrated that expensive leads and valued customers don't always receive a positive experience when calling their dealership. Learn more about how the integration between Car Wars and DealerSocket helps your dealership get the most out of each and every phone call, ultimately selling and servicing more vehicles and giving your customers the ultimate experience from beginning to end.

CRM Focus Efficiency, Communication, and Marketing Features You Need to Know About

Thursday, March 21 11:00 AM PST

Take 30 minutes out of your day to learn about some cool new CRM features we’ve been working on that will make your life easier (well, at least your work day)! From the ability to create a new customer opportunity in one click, to enhanced credit workflows, DealerSocket CRM helps you provide an even better customer experience both online and in your showroom. You’ll also see everything that is new with our texting platform and our highly-acclaimed equity mining solution, Revenue Radar. We’re hyper-focused on delivering enhancements and innovations that improve your processes and help you sell more cars. We can’t wait for you to see the latest and greatest!

Inventory Merchandising - Three Elements of a Winning VDP

Tuesday, March 19 11:00 AM PST

The psychology of consumer shopping has been studied over the past decade by massive eCommerce retailers, like Amazon and Nike; leading to innovative technology that delights users looking for specific product features. During this PowerBreak session, we'll explore those concepts, and apply them to the vehicles on your website to make one powerful VDP.

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