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Connecting the dots: digital retailing to customer experience

September 15, 2021
1:00 pm  - 2:00 pm CDT


It is no secret that digital retailing has been a focus for dealers during and post-pandemic, but the trend began long before. Potential buyers visit 4+ websites and research 15+ hours before ever reaching out to a dealership. They visit the lot further down the purchase process, more prepared than ever before. Whether a prospect interacts with your brand online or in person, you cannot afford to push them to your competition. 


To win business and build loyalty with today’s car buyers, dealerships will need to sharpen their marketing and sales processes. This webinar will educate you on how to capture more leads, win more deals and create lifetime customers. 

  • Identifying the needs and wants of the modern car buyer
  • Tactics market and sell smarter leveraging dealership data
  • Best practices for inventory control and pricing
  • Creating processes to capture and create loyal customers

Webinar Presenters:

Mike Steele
Strategic Growth Manager,
Solera | DealerSocket