Novosteer proprietary technology solutions are engineered to attract and provide customers a fast, simple seamless buying experience that increases lead metrics to grow sales and profitability. We provide world class reliability and security combined with dedicated top tier support.

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DecisioningIT is using predictive AI to transform automotive lending. We provide solutions that improve F&I efficiency by quickly and precisely automating complex and routine tasks. This allows Business Managers to spend more quality time with customers and close more deals.

ProMax offers a fully integrated front-end system for auto dealers. From award-winning CRM/ILM and Desking/Leasing, to Pre-Screen products, Lead Gen, Inventory, Dealer Websites, BDC, and more, ProMax solutions are used by thousands of dealers nationwide.

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AutoRaptor provides independent and BHPH dealerships with our powerful, affordable, and easy-to-use CRM software. AutoRaptor allows dealers to implement an effective sales process by capturing leads from all sources in one place. AutoRaptor CRM gives dealers features such as: robust automation, texting, license scanner, reporting, and third-party integrations, all of which are designed to improve their sales team’s productivity by ensuring they focus only on the best leads. Our Support Team is one of the best in the industry, providing dealers with an added value that they didn’t even realize they needed!


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