Outbound APIs

Integration between CRM and DMS or Fulfillment Partners

Implementing streamlined workflows is key to an efficient dealership. DealerSocket’s Outbound APIs allows dealers to automatically send customer information directly to other technology partners.

  • Deal Push Basic – One-way push of deal data to the DMS done by dealership users. Includes only basic deal data: Customer, Co-buyer, Sales, and vehicle of interest.
  • Deal Push Advanced – Adds desking/financial data to Deal Push Basic.
  • Lead Forwarding Service – Forwards incoming/processed lead data from a dealership to a third-party vendor for fulfillment. This lead data is forwarded as either XML or email.

Inbound APIs

Send Meaningful Messages to Consumers

By providing integration points between dealers’ marketing partners and CRM, dealers can work more efficiently and send more relevant content to their customers.
  • Activity Insert/Update – Create or update Activity (To Do) types for open events in DealerSocket: Outbound Call
    Read Work Notes
    Web Leads
  • Call Vendor Direct Post Work Note Update – Add additional information (such as follow-ups and transcripts of the original call) to an existing event as a work note.
  • CTI Direct Post – Send inbound and outbound call information to DealerSocket so that activities can be tracked for the inbound call recipient or the outbound caller.
  • Customer Update – Update customer information in DealerSocket. This will soon also allow for inserting of customers if not currently found in DealerSocket.
  • EntitySync – Send website visitor information and link the visitor to an existing customer record in DealerSocket when a match is found.
  • Event Update – Updates to open Sales and Service Events as work notes.
  • Work Note Insert – Update work notes on open Sales and Service Events.
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