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Find the inventory ideal for your lot and maximize Profit Per Day™

From acquisition to disposition, our inventory management software helps you maximize Profit Per Day™ on every vehicle with a data-driven approach that combines transaction history and market information. Inventory+ was built with one goal in mind: to ensure every lot unit has a chance to sell at a profit. We call it our Ideal Inventory Model™.

Beat out the competition

  • Focus on a “profit first” mentality, rather than velocity alone, which can result in a race-to-the-bottom price war that hurts your profits.
  • Leverage an inventory management software that works with your strategy, rather than dictating it.
  • Make faster, more data-driven decisions with real-time insights for your dealership and increase front end profit up to 20%.
  • Reduce aging inventory and move vehicles to the most profitable in-group location.
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Price your vehicles competitively

Identify the right vehicle and price for all locations with real-time industry and transaction information.

Make your vehicles stand out on any website

Increase traffic and quality leads with our powerful merchandising and syndication tools.

Manage inventory for your entire group

Gain greater consistency and control in operations, while saving on auction fees through Group Trade with our many enterprise management tools.

Streamline the appraisal process

Leverage a centralized appraisal function and a single-page appraisal to evaluate and market trade-ins more quickly than ever in an easy-to-use platform.

Increase Profit Per Day™

Watch this short video to learn more about Inventory+ and how its Ideal Inventory Model™ can maximize profit.

Increase Profit Per Day™ with our robust and flexible suite of data-enabled tools

Absolute Sourcing

Take your buy/sell list to the next level with the power to find, purchase, and stock those vehicle recommendations on your lot.
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New Car Pricing

Eliminate the time-consuming complexity of managing factory incentives and rebates when pricing in bulk across your lot or group.
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Used Car Pricing

Competitively price your used car inventory to drive more leads with real-time insight of your performance, local, and national inventory data.
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Group Management

Empower your group with an enterprise management platform that encourages increased profit across rooftops.
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Group Trade

Take advantage of the unique strengths of each store in your group and save on auction and transportation fees.
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Refine your appraisal process with smart appraisal decisions from your desktop or mobile device.
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Inventory Management

Maximize your inventory investment every step of the way with user-friendly tools.
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Put more customers on your website and in your showrooms with faster merchandising.
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Reporting and Analytics

Make actionable decisions with access to real-time data, robust analytics, and customizable reports.
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We love Inventory+ especially on the mobile side. We have over 8 acres. We found with Inventory+ we were heavy in the wrong mix. We’re already seeing a better inventory.

Jennifer Camacho

Sr. Vice President at Cars Plus Guam

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