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Group Management

Empower your group to work together to increase profits, not compete against each other. Streamline appraisals, inventory management, and reporting, increase efficiencies, and reduce inconsistencies. Make more profit with a solution that complements your unique strategy. Our platform can support the largest dealerships, with the ability to handle thousands of transactions daily.

A whole that’s greater than the sum of its parts.

  • Drive group reporting, analytics, bulk pricing, centralized appraisals, and group trades with Group Management’s robust business intelligence.
  • Organize your locations based on your strategy and then apply these groupings throughout your reporting.
  • Efficiently manage inventory across two rooftops or hundreds with custom configurations.
  • Monitor inventory aging, time to market, sales performance, and other key metrics in one view.

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Syndicate and merchandise vehicles quickly.

  • Automatically list inventory to thousands of advertising partners.
  • Understand market-level performance, the surrounding market, and the performance of your locations for every vehicle.
  • Appraise and merchandise cars before the customer leaves the lot with mobile capabilities.

Price and manage your inventory with ease.

  • Real-time data

    Determine new and used vehicle pricing based on real-time local and national data.

  • Bulk pricing

    Make bulk pricing changes across your dealer group by model, trim, age, or any other parameter you choose.

  • Group pricing

    Easily make changes to price across multiple rooftops at once.

Learn how to leverage the power of your group.

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Having the KPI's of all our dealerships together is the best part of Inventory+. We need enterprise views to make informed decisions as a group.

Bella Group

Systems Manager, Mayleen Garcia

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Take advantage of stock across your lots.

  • Significantly reduce the number of vehicles you wholesale.
  • Improve the availability of inventory for your stores.
  • Place vehicles at the location where they are likely to sell the most quickly and profitably.
  • Understand the opportunities for in-group trades with the combination of proprietary algorithms and transactional data that powers our Group Trade add-on.
  • Transport vehicles more efficiently without the need to use separate inventory and transportation management systems, saving you time and increasing data quality.

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