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Welcome to the new age of automotive digital retailing! As more customers are looking to start the car-buying process online, PrecisePrice can convert those clicks into store visits (bricks).

PrecisePrice is the industry’s only digital retail solution that can integrate DealerSocket Desking and push deals to your DMS. A simple interface allows online shoppers to configure the right payment on the right vehicle and easily transfer their deal to the showroom.

Outperform the competition

  • Configure perfect payments in real-time.

  • Increase your back-end gross by 17%.

  • Experience a closing ratio that is 9% higher than with other internet lead providers.

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Move seamlessly from the website to the showroom

Easily transition online PrecisePrice shoppers to the showroom using personalized shortcodes.

Add value with integrated F&I

Provide transparency and accuracy in the deal-building process with VIN-specific F&I menus, powered by F&I Express.

Save valuable time

Automatically sync PrecisePrice deals with Desking so that customers never have to provide their information more than once.
Drive sales with our integrated features

Desking and DMS integration

PrecisePrice integrates directly with DealerSocket’s Desking, so that shoppers get the exact same price whether they’re at home or your dealership. DealerSocket CRM customers get the added benefit of the entire deal being seamlessly integrated into the DMS to finalize terms.
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Increased efficiency

Your sales staff doesn’t have to desk deals from scratch. PrecisePrice deals are synced in real-time with Desking, so they have all the information they need for the next steps.
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Customer first

PrecisePrice puts the information in the hands of customers and gets them excited about the shopping experience because they can see their actual payment. Greater transparency leads to greater trust in the purchasing process. And you can deliver the call to action at the right time and in the right way – there are no requests for personal information until the shopper is ready.
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Access anytime, anywhere

Our “Save and Finish Later” feature, the first in the industry, allows shoppers to pick up where they left off on any device without having to provide any personal information. They can simply email or text themselves a shortcode to continue with their deal.
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