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Group Trade

When you manage a large dealer group, it can be tricky to know which location is best for each vehicle. Group Trade uses proprietary algorithms and transactional data to help you identify opportunities for in-group trades, resulting in increased front-end gross by giving aging vehicles another chance to sell at retail. Aging vehicles at one location can become profit generators at another.

Maximize profit by trading within your group.

  • Reduce auction fees, lower transport costs, and shorten time to market by buying and selling with sister stores.
  • Move vehicles to lots where they will sell quickly and generate the highest profit.

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Group Trade Central

One dealer group using Group Trade generated more than $3 million in additional earned revenue through August 2019.

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Stores reap multiple benefits.

  • Reduce aging inventory.
  • Leverage an additional resource for acquiring and disposing of inventory.
  • Reduce transportation and eliminate auction buy/sell fees.
  • Improve communication and collaboration among stores.

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