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New Car Pricing

Take control of your pricing. With our pricing tool, update new car pricing in bulk. Understand listing price, sold price, and other analytics so you can be strategic with pricing in your market.

Make smart pricing decisions across your lot, or across your entire group.

  • Price in bulk across your new car inventory, including OEM incentives and rebates.
  • Price new and used inventory so that you are competitive in the market.
  • Make bulk pricing changes by model, trim, age, or any other parameter you choose.

Make Smarter Pricing Decision with New Car by Inventory+

We like that New Car by Inventory+ shows us how we are pricing our new inventory compared to our local market. In this competitive world, especially in our market, it’s great that you can look at the market, see what your competitors are doing, and price accordingly.

Todd Williams, Corporate Director of Digital Dealership Development

Castrucci Automotive

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Inventory+ helps me quickly evaluate purchase decisions. I don't know how I used to buy cars without Inventory+.

Luke Godwin, Owner

Godwin Motors

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