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Absolute Sourcing

Buy and sell the right vehicles for your unique needs. We use a powerful combination of market and transaction data so you can easily manage your inventory once you have it in stock.

Source cars perfect for your lot with Absolute Sourcing.

  • Locate and purchase vehicles recommended on your buy/sell list
  • View a list of missed appraisals so you can reach back out to those customers and win the trade
  • Source inventory that maximizes your profit.
  • Know which auctions hold inventory suited for your lot and purchase them within Inventory+
  • Group trade with sister stores if they hold inventory that would perform better at your store

Source Profit Drivers with Absolute Sourcing by Inventory+

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"Fletcher Jones’ relationship with DealerSocket can be characterized as a trusted partner. In a competitive market choosing vendors that can align with you as partners is critical to one’s success. Inventory+ / DealerSocket has been a longstanding partnership that provides us with support as a trusted advisor."

Heather Lewis

Fletcher Jones, Business Development Director

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