Rollick’s mission is to provide a seamless customer experience from pre-purchase through re-purchase by helping manufacturers, dealers, and affinity partners connect with their customers through an ecosystem of marketing and technology solutions.


Dealer Innovations is an automotive SaaS company offering digital retail solutions to dealerships. Our products include Parts Storefront, Service Center, Dash Mobile App, and Revved A.I. technology. D.I. allows dealers to sell cars entirely online.


Matthew Gonzales Sr, Co-Founder

Gubagoo is the leader in conversational commerce for automotive. Dealers and certified OEM programs use our powerful digital retailing and fully-managed chat solutions to activate and enhance the online car buying experience, from their website or Facebook.


CarNow is the market leader in tailored digital solutions built to help dealers sell more cars.


Formerly DealerCentric, our online and in-store digital credit and identity solutions deliver the highest lead conversion ratios in the industry + performance guarantees.  The fully connected platform integrates with all CRM, Inventory Management & Website platforms, DealerTrack and RouteOne.


Roadster provides consumer-driven commerce solutions for today’s modern dealership. With Roadster’s proprietary technology platform, dealerships can provide hassle-free car buying in-store, online or on the go.


Connect-Auto provides a suite of connected retail, connected car, mobile-focused apps, and web applications. Delivering meaningful customer experiences throughout the ownership lifecycle.  We have over 20 years of experience in delivering digital solutions for the automotive sector. Working with 10 OEMs in 102 markets and 32 languages we have won awards for our innovation, multi-lingual content, and experience in brand management. Every project we undertake helps drive sales and increases customer retention.


Motoinsight partners with automakers and dealerships to redefine automotive retail. Motoinsight’s flagship digital retailing platform MotoCommerce™ enables revolutionary omni-channel and e-commerce enabled car-buying experiences.