Prodigy builds patent-pending in-store retail technology that streamlines the car buying process while driving higher CSI, incremental vehicle sales and gross margin lift.

Michia Rohrssen


Nextup is a modern automotive Up System providing a proven process for the sales, finance and service departments. A process that creates dealership accountability for the staff, allows them to be more productive and provides visibility into the customer journey, as well as the efficiency of time in the process.


GoMoto develops progressive technologies for automotive service lanes and showrooms that modernize the dealership experience and drive customer engagement.

Courtney Catanese


IntellaCar is the leading iPad Selling System for automotive dealers to use throughout the entire sales process.

Tagrail helps streamline the sales process by providing mobile salestools for the dealership.Our missionis to make the first time customer, the customer for life and a brand enthusiast by providing a personalized customer experience at the dealership.

Kiran Karunakaran