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Overview: Your dealership ought to play like a team, and that means your CRM can’t sit on the bench. From automation to communication, the CRM can be your dealership’s quarterback by calling the plays that connect you to your customers — but only if it gets playing time!

Coach your team to success by customizing your own playbook that helps your dealership play like a team and win together.

In this 1-hour webinar, you’ll get actionable takeaways for:

  • Creating a winning streak. Capitalize on your own customer database to drive retention.
  • Developing a faster running game. Use automation to speed up your retail process.
  • Completing more passes. Funnel sales to service and back again.
  • ...and much more!

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Webinar Presenter:

Melissa Markus is Vice President of Sales, National Accounts at DealerSocket with over 15 years of automotive experience. As an integral part of DealerSocket’s connected software solutions, Melissa has helped hundreds of dealers turn their CRM into a quarterback that connects them to their customers.

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It’s no surprise to anybody that there has been a drastic shift in the car buying experience. With recent events serving as a catalyst for the demand in more modern solutions and processes, it’s no wonder dealerships are struggling to meet the expectations of today’s modern car buyer.

Two of DealerSocket's industry experts (with a combined total of 31 years of automotive experience) are teaming up with Automotive News to present this webinar on Wednesday, November 11 at 2 p.m. EST. It will provide you with useful tips on:

  • How to map the auto buyer's journey end-to-end
  • Key tactics for each stage to meet your buyer's needs
  • How to leverage tools and technology to drive profit for your dealership

We hope you can join us for this hour-long webinar, presented by DealerSocket's very own automotive experts! Anthony Mitchell (Senior Manager, Strategic Growth), and Vince DeMare (Manager, Product Knowledge Experts) will help you map your customer’s journey to the modern buyer's expectations.

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Session Description:

As local governments make decisions, businesses are starting to re-open and car buying will begin to resume. Is your dealership ready for the changes ahead? We’ve put together a BIG checklist for re-opening your dealership, and we’ll cover everything from getting your sales reps back into the swing to pricing strategies.

Whether it feels like you’re starting from scratch or you just need a few extra tips to get things moving, this is the webinar for you! Register now and hear DealerSocket’s industry experts Darren Militscher. Judy Greeby, and Nick Oakley lay out the inventory & CRM re-opening checklist you need to get ready.

About the Presenters:

Darren Militscher, a Senior Dealer Results Manager at DealerSocket, has over 14 years of deep automotive experience and started his career with Dealertrack working on what would later be Inventory+ by DealerSocket. Darren is an indispensable part of his dealers’ workflow, providing valuable consultative advice and insight into their business strategies.

Judy Greeby, a Strategic Growth Manager at DealerSocket, has 25+ years of experience in automotive and has played a vital role in helping our customers accelerate their operations through her hands-on consulting.

Nick Oakley is also a key member of DealerSocket’s Strategic Growth Management team, delivering high-value business & product insights to our customers. With over 7 years of automotive experience, Nick is able to help his dealers drive results with their CRM and ensure business efficiency.

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Session Description:

As you spend time and money driving quality sales leads to your dealership, are you aware of what’s happening once those prospects pick up the phone and call your store? From how your salespeople manage phone ups to how you manage your salespeople, actions directly correlate with conversions. Learn how Qvale Auto Group uses effective call management to create a culture of commitment, accountability, and competition to drive sales.


About the Presenters: 

Geno Walsh, Qvale Auto Group, Executive Manager of Retail Operations

Geno Walsh currently serves as Executive Manager of Retail Operations for the Qvale Auto Group, consisting of 15 dealerships across the U.S. from California to Texas and Florida. Specializing in retail operations and digital sales processes, Geno has a proven track record of success by implementing progressive digital marketing strategies, touching every aspect of retail and service with a digital fingerprint.

Mike Haeg, CarWars, Vice President, Automotive

Mike joined Car Wars in March 2010, where he’s held titles such as Account Manager, Director of Business Development, Director of Automotive, and now Vice President of Automotive. With almost a decade in the automotive industry, he’s worked closely with most of the nation’s largest dealer groups, single-point dealers, CRMs, marketing agencies, consultants, and everything in between.

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