Dealership management needs visibility into all aspects of the business. From reporting to daily activity and closed/lost deals, DealerSocket CRM provides insight any time from anywhere.

Ease of Use

Ease-of-use leads to engagement. DealerSocket can be customized for any workflow at your dealership.

Seamless Integration

The more your users engage, the more they work together across departments to build the complete picture of your business.

Actionable Data

With good data at every user’s fingertips, the picture comes into focus and action becomes easy. Use the right data to take the right action at the right time.


Dealership Management Automotive Software That Gets Results

Easy Wins for General Managers

General Manager

General managers who have complete visibility into all departments manage more effectively. Key reports can provide a quick a snapshot peek or full detailed view into all aspects of their business. Run a more profitable business by giving them the easy access they need today.

You Must Know Where You've Been

to Know Where You Are Going. With DealerSocket management tools, track your dealership’s performance to ensure a better tomorrow.


Learn About DealerSocket’s New Blackbird Tech Platform


The DealerSocket team and users discuss the development of the biggest launch in company history, codenamed Blackbird.


DealerSocket is the CRM of Choice for Northtown CJDR

Increased Accountability and Improved CSI

The General Manager of Northtown Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram refers to DealerSocket CRM as the “radar” for his sales department’s control tower. Sales management and staff alike utilize DealerSocket CRM to track customer engagement, ensure customer satisfaction, and maintain high CSI scores. Pulling specific galley lists through DealerSocket List Builder also helps them maintain their exceptional customer loyalty rates.