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Manage the Entire Credit Process from Your CRM

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DealerSocket CRM SocketCredit

SocketCredit creates a simplified online application process followed by a seamless flow of credit information through your website, CRM, and out to lenders with the results shareable digitally to the applicant.

Accelerate the Crediting Process

Get a leg up during the sales process with rich financial insights viewable throughout your CRM.

  • Fully responsive, customizable online credit app
  • Line-for-line push of credit app details to CRM customer profile
  • Quick view of prior loan and lease details
  • One-click data push to lending portals like RouteOne and DealerTrack

Simplify Buyer Interactions

Utilize built-in communication and mobile features to create a faster experience for your customers.

  • Integrated soft credit pulls for easy prequalification
  • Text or email credit app and approval results
  • Stop faulty deals with secure, one-time online data entry

Automate Necessary Compliance

Rest assured that all boxes are checked, and you can reference everything you need in one centralized location.

  • Digital audit log with dates, times, and users
  • Capture and track online consent, identify verification, and disclosures
  • Built-in compliance portal

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