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RevenueRadar Direct Mail
RevenueRadar’s direct mail service automates omni-channel marketing campaigns to contacts in your database and provides them with easy appointment booking options. At the same time, you get full visibility of campaign activity and performance right within your DealerSocket CRM.

Integrated Marketing Campaigns

RevenueRadar’s direct mail service will target your past customers with direct mailers set to hit them at the right time, with the right message. Your branded direct mailers will be supplemented with a conversion-focused landing page and strategic email communications, making for a truly integrated marketing effort. Your direct mail campaigns will be ongoing, with waves triggering to all new campaign members weekly.

Appointment Booking Services 24/7

All opportunities generated from your direct mail campaigns will be greeted by live agents trained and ready to get them into your store. No need to worry about business hours getting in the way of your opportunities – from call, to text, to online form submit, live agents will get them on your books any time, any day.

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How It Works

  1. RevenueRadar ping triggers

  2. Customer is entered into highly-relevant marketing campaign

  3. Receives targeted mailers and email communications

  4. Respondents speak with a live agent to book appointment

  5. You get a new appointment and respondent is removed from campaign

Automated Activity Logging with DealerSocket CRM

Mail Sends, Completed Calls & New Appointments are All Tracked for You

RevenueRadar’s direct mail service extends beyond where other equity mining solutions drop off – warming leads with strategic marketing, then teeing resulting appointments up for your sales and service teams to close.

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