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DealerFire + Stream

DealerSocket and Stream Companies are joining forces in a strategic partnership to service the automotive market with best-in-class products.

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DealerFire + Stream

Driving Customers

Being the first of its kind, this partnership means we are harnessing the power of Stream to take your digital advertising to a level the industry has never seen before.

With Stream serving as our new advertising engine, and DealerFire as the website provider, our Engine6 websites have never been better positioned for you to reach new customers online and drive them to your digital showroom.

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Read the official press release here:

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DealerSocket, Inc.

  • Based in Dallas, TX​
  • Founded in 2003​
  • DealerFire Engine6 Website Platform​
  • Over 5,000 US based customers​
  • 1,000 employees​
  • 9-time AWA for Best-in-Class Websites​


Stream Companies

  • Based in Philadelphia, PA​
  • Founded in 1996​
  • Full-service, fully-integrated, tech enabled Ad Agency​
  • 20+ years partnering with automotive dealerships​
  • 350 employees​
  • 12x Inc. 500/5000 fastest growing companies​
The Core Four

Spark retail traffic

with exclusive web and marketing integrations​

Fanatical customer service

from companies celebrated for their "white glove" service approach​

True transparency

with business intelligence targeting & reporting ​

Captivate, convince, and convert

with strong brand message identification

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