Social Media Marketing for Car Dealerships

November 1, 2016

Social media is a topic that has been talked about over and over for years. Everywhere you look are articles with “5 Ways to Use Social Media” and “10 Quick Tips for Social Media Marketing.” I’ll tell you right now, there is only one principle that you need to know in order to be successful on social media: people engage with brands that they identify with.

In any marketing situation, the purpose of a campaign or marketing tactic is to sell something to a customer. Traditionally, consumers are used to print ads, billboards, commercials, etc. for information and advertising. However, with social media, new doors have been opened for people to consume brand content. There are now visual stories with Instagram and customer service at your fingertips with Twitter. With these tools, brands can create an identity and a presence with their demographic rapidly.

Think of the car that you drive, the phone that you use, or the clothes you wear. Why did you choose what you did? Most likely you found a reason to identify with and relate to that specific brand.

How does this relate to your car dealership? When we think of car dealerships on social media, we often think of a salesman and customer shaking hands while standing in front of a car. This is a tired cliché. Though it still has a place, it cannot make up the entirety of your social presence.

Ask yourself these questions:

  1. What is the culture of your dealership?
  2. What is your staff like?
  3. What are your customers like?
  4. What makes your dealership unique?

Each individual that works at your dealership or walks through those doors has his or her own unique story that comes together to create the business. Create features on your employees and their lives. Connect with your customers and share their stories on social. Sponsor the local little league and attend the games. Show your support for local businesses by letting them cater an employee appreciation lunch at your dealership.

These are all pieces that make up a brand’s culture and identity. Use social media to capture these moments and show the world WHO YOU ARE! The possibilities are endless.

Ads have begun flooding social feeds, video streams, and pop-ups. The last thing a consumer wants to do is read one more sales pitch email or have another company vying to sell him or her something. So don’t. Be a person and be a friend. The more you produce content they like, the more they will advertise your business for you and it comes full circle. Everyone needs a car; you don’t have to convince anyone of that. But, you do need to show that you are a safe, fun, and friendly environment where people want to shop.

In the end, it’s simple: be yourself and share it with the world.

For those of you who may not have time to focus on social media or just need a little help, we offer Social Media services to dealerships. For more information, please visit our Automotive Social Media page.

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